Ravir named Vend Vendor of the Week

Great news for the wonderful Ravir!

Ravir Boutique in Blackheath has been named Vendor of the Week by retail software suppliers VendHQ.

Raelene Allen, who has just clocked up nine years at the helm of Ravir, has been with the web-based retail management system for several years. Ravir, which is located in the old Blackheath post office building, specialises in clothing made from natural fibres for men and women, and in winter stocks a wide range of quality knitwear from around the globe.

‘About three years back our stock levels were out of hand and we needed to be much more efficient,’ Ms Allen said. ‘But retail management systems were too expensive to set up – I had several quotes around $10,000 for hardware and software – and it was out of the question.’

Further research turned up VendHQ, a relatively new web-based system which could be rented by the month and worked on either a PC or Ipad. ‘It made much more sense than other systems on offer at the time,’ Ms Allen said.

At first, Ravir used Vend to enter stock and issue receipts. But as Vend continued to develop the software, the opportunity to run an online store from the same software became available. Ravir already had a small online presence but the integration with Vend made for more efficiency online, as it works from the shop’s database.

‘It’s a fairly easy system to use, but I couldn’t have set it up on my own,’ Ms Allen said. ‘I don’t have the skills or the time. But one of my customers – Phil Went from Logiskate in Bullaburra – happens to be a Vend partner and developer, and when he showed me what we could do with Vend for our online store, we went for it. It’s been a great collaborative effort.’

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Browse the Ravir Ecommerce store for some great bargains on natural clothing.