Fine tuning Vendecommerce and Vend for a trouble free integrated POS and online store

espressoworkshop_macbook_croppedIf you are using or about to implement Vendecommerce with your Vend bricks and mortar store POS system, there are a couple not so obvious things you can do to keep things running smoothly.

Vendecommerce, a fairly recent addition to Vend is an easy way to ecommerce enable a bricks and mortar store, with no need to setup a separate website, load and sync products or manage inventory separately.

First off, https is not available as yet on custom domains, so before you re-point your own domain to the [yourstore], reconsider how important this is for you. Ecommerce without encrypted connections is not recommended as it is insecure, and will more than likely reduce conversion and online sales. Encrypted connections work just fine out of the box with the [yourstore]

Setup a separate payment type specific for Vendecommerce orders so you can easily reconcile in-store cash, in-store card and online payments.

Create a new register just for online sales. Not very intuitive as you don’t need to have a physical register for your online sales. However, when an ecommerce order is created it will automatically re-open a register if it is not already open, such as when an order comes in when your store is closed, creating problems with subsequent register closures and reconciliations.

Check the localisation, date and time, and date format of your computer, tablet, Ipad or device that you are using for Vend POS regularly. The date and time on the device is critical to the data synchronisation and the setting of the opening and closing of you register.